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Best Links of the Day: September 3, 2013

Wow, I didn’t do a list Friday or Monday – it feels like forever! But don’t fret, it’s back!
Facebook layout

  1. 16 Tweetable Stats on the State of eCommerce Marketing
    Data collected from the first half of 2013 from over 200 merchant websites.
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  2. Amazon’s Giving You Discounted Digital Copies of Physical Books You Own
    Similar to what Amazon introduced a few months back for music, soon will apply to books. Maybe there’s a book you bought a hard copy of, but you don’t want to lug it on that trip to Belize.
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  3. What Facebook’s New Layout Means For Marketers
    There are quite a few changes that are being rolled out as how posts will appears to users. This article explains how those changes will affect how & what you post.
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  4. Yelp Affects 93% Of Researched Purchases, Increases Revenue For Small Businesses, Study Finds
    I’ll admit, I don’t give much thought to Yelp, but even I know it has gained in popularity lately & is becoming an important factor in overall social media. Certainly, based on these numbers, it shouldn’t be ignored.
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  5. A Closer Look at Responsive Email Design
    With more and more people reading their emails from their phones, it’s important to understand how your emails are being viewed & how you can benefit from a responsive approach.
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