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Best Links of the Day: August 29, 2013


  1. 3 Ways to Convert Instagram Followers Into Customers
    Some nice & easy to implement tips to convert followers to customers.
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  2. 5 Ways Businesses Can Use Facebook Embedded Posts
    Now that you can embed Facebook posts in your site, how should you use them.
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  3. Clef – Log In To WordPress With Your Smartphone
    Hacking attempts on WordPress sites are becoming more an more common, and having a secure password is a must, but maybe there’s a better option?
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  4. On-Page SEO Tips for PR Pros
    You may not be a PR Pro, but these tips still apply.
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  5. If You Use WordPress, You Too Can Have Tweetable Sentences Like In That New York Times SNL Story
    This looks like it could be a great tool if you want to call out certain sentences in your WordPress site & make them easily tweetable.
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