Curious Light
Curious Light was started over 18 years ago in November of 1998. I began designing for the web in 1994 while working at Time Warner. Since then I have worked for a wide variety of clients and designed a wide range of sites. Not only do I design and code the sites, I also guide clients, often ones with no web experience, through the process of creating a web presence. Even if there is something I don’t do personally, I work with programmers, hosts and technical specialists to provide clients with the help they need.

Pug Squad Inc.
In 2016, after years of volunteering with a pug rescue, I co-founded a non-profit called Pug Squad. We are a 501c3 organization that raises money and awareness for pugs & pug rescues in need. In just 6 months, we raised over $10,000. We are also organizing the first ever Pug Camp, which is a weekend away for pugs, and the humans who love them. It is a low cost weekend away, where any money earned after expenses are paid will go to the participating rescues.

Orb Digital Direct
At Orb Digital Direct, an online marketing company, I was the Creative Director. I was responsible for all creative including concepts, performance, enhancements & revisions. In addition, I analyzed the performance of the creative through internal tracking system & altered creative to reflect that data. I worked with clients, media planning and marketing to ensure an effectively targeted campaign, while managing the budget of internal & external resources.

Time Warner
At Time Warner, I was the Design Manager for DreamShop, which was an online shopping mall. I was responsible for the design, development, implementation & maintenance of the graphical interface. I also managed a creative staff of 10 people. While at Time Warner, I gained a strong understanding of platform design & technical capabilities to support new functionality.

*That’s me with my pug Pixel!