Best Links of the Day: Pinterest & SEO, Secret Price Codes, 200GB Free Storage, Netflix

  1. Pinterest: The Secret SEO Weapon That (Almost) Nobody Else Is Using
    Hashtags on Pinterest good for SEO? That’s what this article says. The author describes her own experiments with Pinterest’s affects on her Google ranking.
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  2. secret discount codes

  3. Know the Secret Price Codes at Major Retailers to Save More Money
    While this might be a pretty obvious coding system, it doesn’t hurt to see the stores that actually use it to know if you are getting a discounted price or not.
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  4. 30 Emmy Nominated Shows You Can Watch On Netflix Right Now
    I’m a fan of Netflix, I always seem to find interesting shows to watch that I haven’t seen before, or that I haven’t watched in years. I get asked a lot for suggestions on things to watch from Netflix, so I figured I would share a list straight from the horse’s mouth. Maybe I’ll add my own list of non-Emmy nominated shows you should also check out!
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  5. iPhone Charging Connector Fits on Your Keychain
    If you want to be able to charge your iPhone from the office, or a friends house, but don’t want to take your charging cord with you, take a look at the Kii, which lets you charge your phone from any computer & fits on your keychain.
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  6. Cloudup Offers Up To 200 GB Of Free Cloud Storage To Upload Files & Share Them As Streams
    Who doesn’t love free cloud storage? Set ourself up with a free account to get the 200 free GB of space.
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