Best Links of the Day: StyleShoots, Feelday, Facebook Hashtags, Pinterest Marketing, Print Remotely

Pinterest Marketing

  1. Pinterest Business Advertising | The 7 Wonders of Pinterest Marketing
    I’m happy to see the recent plethora of articles on Pinterest in regard to marketing & SEO. This article covers some tips on how to best use it to your advantage.
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  2. StyleShoots: Professional Product & Fashion Photography for $5 a Shot
    Wow, I love this one. I’ve had so many clients over the years who just didn’t have the budget for professional photos, but I know how important good photos are to your sites success. Well check out this article from PRCouture, describing StyleShoots. You rent their complete professional photography setup for $250 an hour, which supposedly allows you to shoot 50 photos, working out to $5 per.
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  3. Feelday

    Looking for something to do with your family that all the kids will enjoy but coming up empty. Feelday to the rescue. The site gives you suggestions based on location, mood & date. It’s currently on in NYC, Seattle, San Francisco, Boston and Houston.
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  5. 4 Ways Marketers Can Use Facebook Hashtags
    As you probably know, Facebook recently added the ability to use hashtags on posts. This article walks you through a few ways to use these hashtags in your marketing efforts.
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  6. 4 Easy Ways to Remotely Print Over the Network or Internet
    For a while now, we haven’t needed to be ‘wired’ to print something out, but quite a few people still have issues with the setup. The article tries to make it a bit less painful.
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