Best Links of the Day: Choosing Twitter Tools, Stylify Me, Responsive Embeds, Pinterest

Stylify Me

  1. The Beginner’s Guide to Twitter for Business: Choosing Free Twitter Tools
    A great reference for those just getting started with Twitter. The article walks you through the different free tools available covering posting, searching.
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  2. Stylify Me
    Love, Love, Love this site. Such a simple way to get the styles of any website from colors to fonts for all elements. It could also be a very simple way to give anyone who will be editing a site a simple list of styles.
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  3. Ecommerce & WooCommerce: Stats, Trends and Tips
    Whether you are using WooCommerce or not, the stats & trends are an interesting read.
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  4. Using Pinterest for Your eCommerce Store Marketing
    I’m a big Pinterest fan, and I think it can be an amazing tool for online stores. This article talks about some ways to use Pinterest to in your marketing efforts.
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  5. Get Responsive Embed Codes For YouTube, Instagram, Google Maps & Vimeo
    You have a great responsive website, but when you add certain content, it doesn’t resize the way it should. This article reviews the service Embed Responsively, which gives you links back that will behave responsively.
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