Best Links of the Day: Every Streaming App, Brooklyn Past & Present, Secure Your Home Network

Sorry, it’s only going to be 3 links today, I got caught up in other things and was out, so that’s all I can get to.

  1. A Near-Comprehensive Guide to Every Video Streaming App
    Gizmodo has put together a list of (almost) all of the streaming apps that available to watch on your iphone, tablet or computer.
    link to article
  2. brooklyn map

  3. Block by Block, Brooklyn’s Past and Present
    Check out this map of every single building in Brooklyn, both old & new. You can see which neighborhoods have experienced the most growth & the neighborhoods that are almost unchanged.
    link to site
  4. How to Ensure Your Router, Cameras, Printers, and Other Devices Aren’t Accessible on the Internet
    I don’t know if you saw the news report about how smart tv’s are being exploited, where hackers are gaining access to the built in camera. I don’t have a tv with a built in camera, but it creeped me out. This article aims to help you keep that creep factor to a minimum!
    link to article
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