Best Links of the Day: Better Facebook Posts, WordPress Security, Museum Apps, Freelance Blog

  1. 10 Tips for Better Facebook Status Updates
    It’s so hard to repeatedly come up with ideas on how to engage your Facebook audience. Here is a list/infographic to hopefully give you a jumpstart!
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  2. 7 Content Marketing Tools You Must Know About
    Maybe you’ve heard of content marketing, maybe you haven’t, or maybe you know what it is without actually knowing what it’s called. Anyway, this article gives you some tools to help you offer content that is both useful & entertaining.
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  3. WordPress security

  4. Most Popular WordPress Security Plugins
    I’m sure you know how important it is to keep your WordPress site safe from attacks. Here is a round-up of the available security plugins, and their ratings.
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  5. 6 Museum Apps for Virtual Field Trips
    I fell in love with the MOMA one when it came out, it was amazing to have all that information & art at your fingertips. It’s listed here, along with 5 others, including the Museum of Natural History & the Louve.
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  6. Launch and Grow Your Freelance Blog
    Writing a blog is hard. I know for me it is a lot of work, and I know many of you ignore this important part of your business. Here is a ‘session’ covering various ways you can improve your blog. I know I’ll be reading this later!
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