Frustration Friday = A Link Free Day (Almost)

Who knows, maybe someone will give a little woo hoo that they didn’t need to see my ‘Best Links of the Day’ post, or maybe someone will be disappointed (the 2 or 3 of you visiting those pages!), but it’s already 3:30 on Friday afternoon, and after the frustrating day I’ve had, I’ve decided to just gripe a bit, then turn my frown upside down.

For those of you that didn’t know, weren’t affected, or were affected but took the day off, Endurance International Group, which owns many, many hosting companies went down today. This affected millions of sites – MILLIONS! Maybe you thought to yourself, “Damn, I’m not getting any email, or orders today, wish I was off to the beach like everyone else seems to be!” Well, they weren’t, they were most likely cursing at their computer, their web host or their service provider, trying to figure out why the internet seemed to go kaput for so many.

Well, after 5 or so hours of intermittent internet connections, I decided to take the pug for a nice, long walk.

Pixel is an EXTREMELY friendly dog, she expects every single person she encounters to say hello & give her a scratch. She also wants to say hello to every other friendly dog she encounters (she stays away from the less than friendly ones). What this means on our walks is that I end up meeting & talking to very nice people. This is a recipe for a complete attitude adjustment. I went out shaking my fist at the world, and came back resigned to the fact that it is out of my hands, so I might as well take a deep breath & remember that it’s almost the weekend. A pretty good lesson for a Friday afternoon.

And that’s another pug life lesson…


For those of you that still would like a little link payoff, here are two NYC centric ones that I was going to share.

Live from New York it’s the Saturday Night Live ticket lottery!
Your R Train Tunnel Outage Survival Guide. BONUS: Fun Flowchart

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