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Best Links of the Day: August, 23, 2013


  1. Roundup Of The Current Webfont Options
    You may recall my post last week on Google Fonts, but even if you don’t, this article explains the different webfont services out there.
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  2. Are You Still Reaching Your Gmail Customers?
    As you probably know, Gmail made a lot of changes to it’s interface recently. How do these changes affect your email marketing efforts, and how can you make sure they still get seen?
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  3. How to Grow an Army of Brand Ambassadors AKA Superfans
    What business doesn’t want Superfans? They are pretty much the holy grail for any business. This article offers some tips on identifying, tracking & engaging your Superfans.
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  4. track tv shows

  5. How to Track All Your TV Shows So You Never Miss an Episode
    If you use different streaming services & can’t remember what show is on what service, there are services to help you manage that, as well as ones to help you know what you have already viewed.
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  6. Upselling Basics: The Buyer/Seller Process
    Talks about the benefits to the customer of upselling.
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