Embedding Typekit, 72% Twitter Followers More Likely To Buy, Holiday Retail, Lost Dog App

Best Links of the Day: August 23, 2013

  1. Best Practices for Embedding Typekit
    Wow, I’ve been on a bit of a webfonts kick lately, huh? I couldn’t resist this one because Typekit has some amazing fonts, and there is nothing like getting best use tips from the horse’s mouth!
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  2. 72 Percent of Twitter Followers More Likely to Buy From You
    Well that’s quite a stat!There are a few more very interesting pieces of info. in the article, and they all seem to be saying that small businesses NEED to be on Twitter!
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  3. Finding Rover

  4. 8 Steps to Get Ready for the Holiday Retail Season
    I know, I know, it seems early, but to be fully prepared for running your holiday sales, participating in Cyber Monday, Free Shipping Day & having enough time to ship your items, it’s at least time to start thinking about it.
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  5. How Does Facebook Determine Whether Posts From Pages Are High-Quality?
    This article talks about today’s update by Facebook for determining which posts get the most play.
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  6. Finding Rover
    I’m a dog lover. My heart ache’s whenever I see a ‘lost dog’ post on Facebook, so I really, really want this app to end up being all it claims to be. It uses facial recognition to match dogs with user submitted ‘found’ ones. You also upload a photo of your dog, so if he/she ever gets lost, you are one step closer to finding him/her. I tried a few different photos of Pixel, and got an error message. I’m wondering if it is because she has a dark face & dark eyes, so it couldn’t differentiate. If anyone tries it, please let me know!
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