The Best Links of the Day: July 18, 2013

  1. Super useful tools for CSS coding
    Whether css is your life or you are just a dabbler, here are some helpful tools.
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  2. google maps

  3. How to Save Offline Maps in the New Google Maps for iOS
    An ‘easter egg’ trick for saving Google Maps so you don’t have to rely on a data connection.
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  4. What is Web Typography?
    Nice article on the basics & why web typography is important to your overall branding.
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  5. The Complete Guide to Developing a Social Media Policy for Your Business
    This article gives you a nice outline for creating a social media plan, instead of just jumping in blind. This way everyone is on the same page, and you don’t end up with any of the social media missteps others have taken.
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  6. The Best Shopping Cart Plugins to Sell With WordPress
    Although most people I know are leaning toward WooCommerce these days, it’s nice to see a list with the major players & live examples of each. Don’t be fooled by the ‘free’ though – money will need to be spent for addons for shipping, paypal, credit cards, etc.
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