The Best Links of the Day: July 17, 2013

Eventually, someone will start reading these, because there really are some great finds in my daily lists. I’m trying to keep it to 5 links, and I choose them from hundreds of articles, tweets & posts I see each day.
unfollow post on Facebook

  1. How to unfollow a Facebook post using the mobile app
    This was driving me absolutely crazy, and I cannot believe I didn’t know how to do this before last night, but there I was, bombarded by replies I didn’t need to see, and only my iphone to get me out of it. This article walks you through how to turn off notifications from the mobile app.
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  2. Mobile Payments are Exploding: What You Need to Know as a Retailer
    There’s no denying this is a growing area, and new options are going to keep popping up. It’s a great idea to check out what’s available & see if being able to take credit cards from anywhere can help your business.
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  3. 10 Ways Google+ Will Improve Your SEO
    As a proponent of social media, I admit, I have been unenthusiastic about Google+. It just seemed redundant to me, regardless of how many articles tell me I should be using it. Well, this article outlines how it helps your SEO, which almost has me convinced I need to finally get on the Google+ bandwagon!
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  4. 10 Surprising social media statistics that might make you rethink your social strategy.
    Some really interesting stats here that continue into the comments. Worth a look.
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  5. iphone screenshot

  6. Capture a Screen Shot on iPhone 5
    This is a really simple one, but I needed to do this recently, and I didn’t know how – now I do!
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