Best Link of the Day: IFTTT Mobile Recipes, Extend Your Wi-Fi, Getting Paid, FB Comments

  1. 10 Must-Try Mobile IFTTT Recipes
    Now that IFTTT released a mobile app, it was just a matter of time before user submitted recipes started springing up.
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  2. wi-fi netowrk

  3. How to Extend Your Wi-Fi Network With an Old Router
    Do you wish your wi-fi network reached a bit further? This article walks you through using an old router to extend your network.
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  4. All the important and surprising trends in mobile web browsing, in seven charts
    Check out these charts from Adobe illustrating the trends in mobile web browsing.
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  5. 7 Creative Ideas for How to Use Facebook Photo Comments
    As you may or may not know, Facebook added the ability to use a photo in comments on others posts. This article talks about ways you can use that functionality to increase fan engagement.
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  6. The Best Ways to Get Paid: Solutions For Every Type of Small Business
    How to get paid by customers or clients is still a touch one. There are now more options than ever though for the small business owner, and this article walks you through some of those options.
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