A New Blog Post From A Mostly Dead Blog

It’s been forever since I last did a blog post. I preach the importance of them to my clients all the time, but between my various other writing duties (pug rescue, my now-defunct geek blog, personal projects, etc) I just couldn’t summon the will I needed to write for for Curious Light, which really SHOULD be the first place I do it for. So, here it is, finally, a new post.

I’ve decided that I find a lot of good design, developer, tech & otherwise useful links in all the reading I do. I share them regulary on twitter (@curiouslt) & sometimes even my Facebook page (don’t get me started on that!), so why not share them here. Consider this (hopefully daily) exercise a curated list of the best of what I’ve found each day.

So this is starting today. I’m working on the list right now. My intention is to publish it at around 5pm (EST) each day, and any great articles/links I find after that time will go in the next days list.

Wish me luck!

Curious Light

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