The Best Links of the Day: July 11, 2013

If you read my earlier post today, you know that I am resurrecting my mostly dead blog. Here is the very first (drumroll please) list of the best articles/links I have found each day.

1. Official IFTTT App Now Available For iPhone, Lets You Add Your Apps To Any Recipe
I admit, I’ve been a bit late to the IFTTT bandwagon, but the more time I give it, the more I see all it is capable of. It is so useful if you spend a little time checking out what it can do. Well, now they have an iphone app. You create recipes combining different services to complete certain tasks. There are a lot of community submitted recipes for the web version, so I am sure a ton will start popping up for the iphone app.
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2. Web Applications & Resources for Responsive Web / Mobile Design
Responsive, retina, grids – all buzz words you see & hear everywhere. This is a list of a few very useful resources for those buzz words.
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3. 50 Must-Know Mobile Commerce Facts and Statistics
Mobile commerce is a fast growing segment that online merchants can no longer ignore. Take a look at this slideshow of stats create by Mobify – a real wow!
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4. How to Use Hangouts to Collaborate with Anyone, Anywhere, On Any Device
Another one of those services that I am not really utilizing, but every time I read an article on a service like this, I think to myself “why aren’t you?”.
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5. Chalkboard Car Invites Street Art and Graffiti from Passersby
Let’s call this one my ‘just for fun’ link. I would love to draw all over that car!
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