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Design Cuts Iconic Font Bundle

It’s been quite a while since I last did a blog post. For a long time I struggled thinking about what I might possibly talk about that didn’t already have a glut of other people out there already talking about. During a discussion in a group I’m in, the light bulb hit. I have a certain set of skills (sorry Liam!). These skills have been honed since I was a small child, and expanded when Google came in to existence.

I find things. Deals, bundles, coupons, plugins. I can find other things too, but for now, these are the topics I will be covering in this relaunched blog.

While it’s very likely that links in these posts will contain affiliate links, I promise i will only recommend the item when I have personally tested it. If I have not tested it, i will tell you so, and why I have not. Most likely it will be because I either have no need for it, but still thought it was a great deal, or I’ve blown my allotted budget for the month.

I’m going to start off with a font bundle from Design Cuts. This bundle is only available until Tuesday, May 15, 2018.

The Complete Iconic Font Library is only $29 and contains not only the iconic Baskerville in 5 weights and 51 styles, but a whole load more fonts that make this deal a no-brainer.

Normally, to purchase just one weight for one font would cost you $29 or more. Here you get 15+ fonts in multiple weights and styles.

While there are a ton of font bundles out there, they usually are mostly made up of scripts, handwriting or display fonts. It’s much harder to find classic serif and san-serif fonts at this price.

It’s a must have!
(no affiliate links in post)

Design Cuts Iconic Font Bundle