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Best Links of the Day: October 7, 2013

refresh site content

  1. When And How To Refresh Your Web Content
    A nice article on the importance of reviewing your site content & refreshing where needed.
    link to article
  2. New Website Offers Valuable Information and Tips About Accepting Credit and Debit Payments
    This is often one of the most intimidating aspects for new online stores – that’s where CMUSA comes in. They offer tools & tips to help you.
    link to article
  3. How to See Which Browser Extensions Are Slowing Down Your Browser
    Some extensions you just can’t live without, but some may be creating a lag in your browser. Take a look at this article that explains how to check which ones are slowing you down.
    link to article
  4. Implementing a Social Media Strategy Step-By-Step [DIAGRAM]
    If you own a business, odds are someone has been telling you to harness social media. Sounds great, except you don’t even know where to start. Check out this article & diagram that helps you plan a social media strategy.
    link to article
  5. Mobile Strategy for Small Businesses
    It’s hard to ignore mobile users at this point. More & more potential clients/customers are accessing your site on the go. This article gives you some stats as well as different approaches you can take.
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