8 Facts For Marketers Cyber Monday, JustDeleteMe, Tools for Tech Support, Branding Basics, Free Google+ Marketing Guide

  1. 8 Facts Every Marketer Needs to Know about Cyber Monday
    If you’re an online retailer, you really need to be participating in Cyber Monday, and it’s essential to get a plan in action way before the day arrives. Here are some tips.
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  2. justdeleteme

  3. justdelete.me
    Well this is handy! You know how sometimes it can be quite difficult to delete your account from certain web services, well this site lets you know which are easy & which are hard & who you are just going to have to get on the phone with.
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  4. The Best Tools to Easily Perform Remote Tech Support
    I don’t know about you, but I am often the go-to person when someone in my family has a problem with their computer. printer, tablet. This article talks about the free tools that give you remote access.
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  5. 6 Branding Basics that Web Designers Can’t Ignore
    Personally, I think ‘web designers’ should be removed from that title. I think these are valuable things for anybody with an online business to know.
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  6. Download Our Free Google+ Marketing Guide!
    I know, I know, you still aren’t “into” Google+, but more and more articles are coming out touting it’s importance. Well, here’s a free marketing guide for G+ on getting started, best practices & ways to measure your results.
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