Crop Image Within WordPress, Improve Email Deliverability, Facebook Post Reach, Market Google+, iOS7 Tips

Best Links of the Day: Sept. 23, 2013


  1. How to Crop an Image Inside of WordPress
    There are some things you can do from within WordPress to help your images look their best. This tutorial walks you through how to crop an image.
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  2. Seven Tips to Improve Your Email Deliverability
    Email is still a huge way to reach your customers/clients, but we can all use improvement on how to get more results from the ones we send.
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  3. 8 Ways to Get More Reach for your Facebook Page Updates
    It’s important for any business to have a Facebook page, but we don’t get the reach we would like. This article explains how it’s not just about putting out a great post.
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  4. How to Market Your Content on Google Plus
    I know, I know, not Google+ again. Nobody besides the diehards are using it. Well, it keeps getting a lot of press about its influence on search engine ranking, and more big businesses are starting to utilize it, so I want to give it equal time with the other networks.
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  5. The Complete Guide To Ios 7 (Roundup)
    I haven’t updated myself yet, and I know I had an article of some tips the day iOS7 came out, but this is a round up of all the new features.
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