Brand Advocating: Sites & Services I Love That Have Great Customer Service

There’s a lot of negative out there on the internet. It’s so easy to anonymously leave comments & people seem to revel in leaving negative feedback. Well, I wanted to go the opposite route today, I going to be advocating for the sites and services I love, the ones that have customer service that goes above and beyond. Some are related to websites, some aren’t…I just felt like spreading a little love today.

  1. Sprout Social
    Sprout Social offers an amazing service that lets you manage all your social media efforts in one place. You can monitor all your accounts, schedule messages to different social media sites, generate reports & monitor what is and isn’t working for you. All of this while having outstanding customer service both through Twitter & through their site.
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  2. Services I love

  3. A Small Orange
    I recently discovered A Small Orange Hosting after reading an article about them. In the month or so that I have had sites hosted with them, I have just been so impressed with their response time to support inquiries. But that would only take a hosting company so far, they have to have a great service, and A Small Orange does. The uptime so far has been excellent, as well as the load time for the sites.
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  4. Tribulant
    I’ve tried out a lot of shopping carts for WordPress, and something was always lacking for me. I mostly ruled out WooCommerce because by the time you add in all the extensions a site would likely need (that then need to be kept up to date), the cost was starting to get a bit out of hand. Then I tried Tribulant. Although the cart is not free, it has most of the features I’ve needed built in, which means only keeping once license up to date. But the most amazing part is that the customer service is just outstanding. They do whatever they can to help you solve any issue that arise, and that is priceless!
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    I know, the first 3 were so website centric, you thought I wasn’t getting to anything more general. Well, now I am. Wag has guaranteed FREE two day shipping on all orders over $35. If you’re like me, that is pretty much all orders where my dog is concerned. If you are in certain areas, you might even get your order within 24 hours (I do!). Free shipping is great, but if their prices aren’t, then it doesn’t matter much. Well, Wags prices are competitive with all the ‘best price’ sites, so you get fast, free shipping & great prices. I, of course, have to mention their customer service, which is always quick & friendly. Even if I have had a problem with an order, I have walked away satisfied with the ultimate outcome.
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  6. Amazon
    Yeah, I know, everybody knows about Amazon, but I wanted to acknowledge those sites/services that have consistently excellent customer service, and Amazon fits that bill. Any time I have had an issue, they have resolved it, and it’s never a frustrating process. To be a site that large & still be able to offer customer service like that is amazing. I also can find almost anything I am looking for here, which makes shopping super easy. They also offer free shipping over $25. Although that can take a while, I do force myself to be patient.
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