Typefaces Influence, Resume Tip – No PDF, Functions.php, 200 Ranking Factors, Categories & Tags


  1. How Typeface Influences The Way We Read And Think
    Very interesting read on how type may effect how things are perceived & why some of us put so much thought into which ones we use.
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  2. Resume Tip Tuesday: Why You Should Not Use a PDF
    Looking for a job? Have you thought about sending your resume as a PDF, maybe to keep all formatting in tact? This article explains why that might not be such a good idea.
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  3. Beginning With WordPress: Customising Our Site’s Functionality Using functions.php
    I nice tutorial that helps you get started using the the functions.php file. The example they do is for adding Google Analytics.
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  4. 200 Ranking Factors That Google Uses
    Sometimes all this SEO stuff can get overwhelming, especially when Google seems to change things quite often. Well, hopefully this infographic will help. I know pretty pictures always help me!
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  5. WordPress 101 Video Training Part 4: Using Categories and Tags
    A great tutorial to get you started using categories & tags in your WordPress site.
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