The Best Links of the Day: SEO Tools, Smartphone Battery, Hashtags, Chrome FB Extensions & WordPress to FB

phone battery

  1. 5 Things That are Killing Your Smartphone Battery
    Some tips for prolonging the life of your phone’s battery. Here are some tips on what you shouldn’t be doing, things that are putting a drain on your battery.
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  2. Review: WordBooker–A Cross Post to Facebook Plugin for WordPress
    I know a lot of you with WordPress blogs would love to streamline your process of pushing your posts out to social media. Here is a review of a plugin that posts to Facebook. I haven’t tried it myself yet, but I plan to!
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  3. Roundup of 10 Best Google Chrome Extensions for Facebook Addicts
    Let’s keep with the Facebook theme for one more link. These extensions for Chrome include everything from removing ads & suggested pages to hidden emoticons you can use on your posts.
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  4. SEO Tools

  5. Three Strategic Ways to Use Hashtags for Marketing
    I was excited when this came up in my article feed. I am very bad at utilizing the hashtag, and wanted some tips on how to improve. Hopefully, you will find some interesting stuff here.
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  6. 30 best new SEO tools
    Check out this list of SEO tools for the key stages of the inbound marketing process. There’s a lot of information here, and it can definitely get overwhelming, so I suggest you bookmark it so you can digest it in chunks.
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