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Best Links of the Day: Sept. 9, 2013

  1. How Your Brick and Mortar Store Can Beat Zappos at Its Own Game
    It ain’t easy for the mom & pops anymore, seems like the big guys are taking over everything. But, don’t give up yet! Here are some tips on how you can compete.
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  2. copyright

  3. 10 Copyright Laws Every Graphic Designer Should Be Aware Of
    I think this is good for everyone to understand, since there still seems to be so much confusion on copyright.
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  4. 10 Tips For Using YouTube To Kill At Local SEO
    Some useful tips on using your videos for local seo, since fewer businesses are utilizing it for that.
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  5. New Facebook Contest and Promotion Rules: What You Need to Know
    Facebook made some changes recently to their contest rules to make things easier. This will walk you through what’s new & how to make it work for you.
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  6. Understanding Sales Tax for Small Business
    Most people get a bit confused on sales tax. This article explains how it works & how to determine sales tax for online purchases.
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