Common Tech Questions, iOS7 Battery Life, SEO Optimized Images, Best Posting Times

tech questions

  1. 10 Common Tech Questions (and Their High Tech Explanations)
    Covers such topics as healthy laptop battery life, viruses & your online privacy. Take a look & hopefully the answers to some of your common questions are there.
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  2. 11 Tips to Keep iOS 7 From Destroying Your Battery Life
    Disclaimer: I have not yet updated to iOS 7, but from what I understand this has been a big problem for many that have. Hopefully these tips can help.
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  3. How to Add SEO Optimized Images to WordPress 3.6.1 Blog Posts and Pages
    You’ve spent time on your page SEO, but what about your images? This tutorial will help you get those optimized as well.
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  4. The Best [And Worst] Times To Post On Social Media
    It’s probably one of the most common questions in regard to social media – when should I post? It’s all about what’s right for you, but it doesn’t hurt to get some stats to get you started.
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  5. Why You Should Avoid Using a Gmail Address for Your Website
    So good info. on why you should avoid this. It doesn’t mean you can’t use Gmail to get all your email, just not to use it as the address in the WordPress admin.
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