Client Info.

What's Included

You will be provided with a complete, ready to go live site that includes the following:

Site look and feel

Two unique concepts will be presented based on conversations and the urls you send to give an idea of the ‘look’ you would like.


Revisions are made to a chosen design. Three rounds of revisions are included in the design package.

Design Continuity

Design of sub sections will be presented as mockups for approval. Usually, the mockups are done for the shopping process, then one other section, such as, About, Contact, Etc. The other sections are shown once the coding is done.

Image processing

Retouching and sizing of up to 50 images is included. Additional fees will apply for additional images. If the images provided are of optimal quality and need no retouching, this additional fee may be waived.


Hand coded html and css will be done for all static pages of the web site. The shopping process will be dynamic pages generated by the shopping cart system. You will be shown how to make changes to these documents when the site is complete.

So now you know what’s included, here’s some information on what’s not included.

Additional Costs

  1. Web hosting: About $9 per month, billed on a yearly basis.
  2. Domain registration: About $10 per year
  3. Payment processors: Varies depending on which one you go with
  4. Secure (SSL) Certificates: If you are taking credit card information online, you need a Secure Certificate (along with a dedicated IP):$50 – $200 per year
  5. Dedicated IP: $2.50 per month

What's Needed

Numbers 1 -6 need to be received before the project can begin.

  1. Logo in either eps or psd file format.
  2. Colors If you have color preferences, please provide either rgb, cmyk, or pantone
  3. Fonts Include fonts used for your logo, and any other fonts you might use.
  4. Product Images Product/Site images should be provided by disk. Each image should be named according to it’s product name and be placed in a folder with it’s category name. Image name will also appear on spreadsheet in #6. Ex. Necklaces (folder name) > Bb123.jpg (image name)
  5. Look and Feel Please provide 3 or 4 urls of sites you like and why you like them.
  6. Category List Please provide a list of all the categories you want on the site – About, Contact, Store, Wholesale, Press, Product Categories. If your Product Categories will have subcategories, please provide those as well.
  7. Excel Spreadsheet (get it here) A separate excel document was also sent, please follow this format for your products.
    Copy Please provide any copy for the site in either a word document or pasted into an email. Any copy for the Home Page will be needed first.
  8. Merchant Account If you already have a merchant account, please verify that it can work with
    Domain Registrar If you have already registered the domain name you will be using, please provide the account login name and password.

E-commerce Site Questionnaire

Below is our introduction form if you are interested in an e-commerce site. Most of the questions in the form are required so that we can get a full picture of what your wants & needs are. Once the form is received, we will email you to schedule a followup phone call.

WordPress Site Questionnaire

Curious Light would love to work with you on your new website. Filling out the questionaire below will help us give you a more accurate quote & ensure we are the right fit for your needs.
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  • About Your Project