Best Links of the Day: Social Media Mastery, Why Blog, Backlinks, WP Images

Social Media Infographic

  1. Tips to Master Social Media Marketing for Small Businesses [INFOGRAPHIC]
    This infographic covers everything from the percentage of businesses utilizing social media, traffic, custom acquisition, as well as stats on when & how to engage.
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  2. Why Spend Time Blogging?
    I know I preach it all the time, so here’s an article with 3 very important reasons why you should make the time to blog.
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  3. Recommended Tools for Getting Backlinks
    Really more about the growing importance of getting backlinks rather than recommended tools, since it only mentions two, but good to familiarize yourself with backlink basics. The two tool they do mention are Google’s Webmaster Tool Backlinks (links to a nice explanation of how to find them & it’s value) & Magestic SEO
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  4. Getting Creative with Images in WordPress: How to Tag & Pin, Edit, Add Borders & Filters + More..
    Want to get a bit more hands on with your WordPress site images? Here are a few cool things you can do.
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  5. 10 Tools To Help Protect Your Blog From Content Theft
    Tips on how to make it more difficult to have your content stolen & what to do if it is.
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