Best Links of the Day: Perfect Optimized Page for SEO, Facebook Reservations, Office Troubleshooting, Blog Comments, Mac Widgets

  1. The Anatomy of a Perfectly Search Engine Optimized Web Page [INFOGRAPHIC]
    We all know how overwhelming SEO can be. This infographic aims to make it a little easier to understand what are the ‘do’s’ for optimizing your web pages.
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  2. Facebook mobile app

  3. Facebook Announces – Dinner and a Show: Two Changes to Mobile Pages that will Help People and Businesses Connect
    Starting later this week, you will be able to make a reservation & get tv listings via Facebook Pages from the Facebook mobile app. Check out their post.
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  4. Ultimate Troubleshooting Guide for Office 2013 Installation Problems
    Although this is not something I need personally (don’t use Word/Excel that much), I figured some of you might be able to benefit from this one stop shop of Office troubleshooting.
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  5. The Art of Getting Blog Comments
    As we all know, having a blog is great. You know what is even better? Getting comments! Check out this article from Blogging Tips.
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  6. 30+ Useful Mac Dashboard Widgets For Designers And Developers
    Wow, I’ll admit, I did not know most of these existed. I will be checking them all out as soon as I can!
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