Best Links of the Day: Embed FB Posts, Google+ Better Ranking, Mobile Printing

  1. How to Embed Facebook Posts Now on your Site
    I admit that I have mixed feelings about this. I think it’s great for business pages, but not so much for personal stuff, but for those of you with business pages, it is good to know how to do.
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  2. chrome extensions

  3. Perfect Chrome Extensions for Web Designers and Developers
    This one is a shout out to my designer/developer friends. Lots of interesting extensions here that I didn’t know about.
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  4. Stronger correlation between Google+ and search rankings than Facebook and Twitter
    Ok, so this is probably obvious to many of you, it is after all a Google product, but I think we all need a bit more convincing to give G+ attention, so I’m trying to convince myself with this articles as well!
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  5. A Guide To Printing From Mobile Devices
    I think it was just a few days ago that I included an article on wireless printing, well now we go one step further with info. on how to print from your mobile devices.
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  6. How to Fix 11 of the Most Common Household Appliance Problems
    I like to include a general helpful article every once in a while. I think because I am usually the one my family calls if something breaks, so maybe this will save a phone call or two with your family.
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  7. Bonus Link of the Day:
    Get Notifications On iPhone When Your Favorite TV Shows Return From Commercial Break

    Need to check the score on another game or run and make a sandwich during the commercial, this app lets you know when your show comes back on, so you don’t have keep flipping back and forth or running in to check!
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