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cloud convert

Best Links of the Day: Sept. 25, 2013

Some days the links lean toward social media, some days toward WordPress, but today they seemed to be about E-commerce (well, 2 at least).
cloud convert

  1. Cloud Convert
    As their tagline says, convert anything to anything – how’s that for a handy tool! According to the site, it works for mobile phones as well. I love that you can send it right to your Dropbox as well.
    link to site
  2. How I Increased Facebook Reach and Engagement by 200-300% This Week
    A really nice walk through of some of the image posts he did to engage his Facebook fans, complete with the actual stats on how they performed.
    link to article
  3. 8 Websites That Will Turn You into a Photoshop Guru
    A nice list of sites for beginners & intermediates that offer tutorials to help you learn different things in Photoshop.
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  4. 12 Surefire Ways To Increase Conversions On Mobile Devices
    E-commerce sites face a lot of stumbling blocks in their conversion to mobile. This article gives you ways to improve the user experience & increase conversions.
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  5. Nine Case Studies And Infographics On Cart Abandonment And Email Retargeting
    Shopping cart abandonment is huge on e-commerce sites. This article discusses some stats on cart abandonment as well as some techniques that have been used to get those shoppers back.
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